Kewaunee County Road Walk

On Sat 9/16 Jared and I hiked 20 miles, all on the road. We started in the middle of a very large road walk and headed north for 11.4 miles. Our destination was the start of the Kewaunee River Segment that ran along the Ahnapee State Trail near Casco Junction in Kewaunee County. It was … Continue reading Kewaunee County Road Walk


Interstate State Park

On Sunday we visited Minnesota's Interstate State Park after our main hike on the Ice Age Trail.   This park is across the St Croix River from Wisconsin's Interstate State Park.  The park has many potholes and they have a trail specifically for the potholes.   Here's some info on potholes:  Potholes Potholes are pretty neat, they're probably my … Continue reading Interstate State Park